Joseph McClure: Foreign Service IT Professional Shares Advice to FAIT Fellowship Applicants

Joseph McClure joined the Foreign Service in March 2021 as an Information Management Specialist (IMS). At the time of this interview, the position was Information Management Specialist (IMS). The newly announced career path of DTO reflects the evolving role of information technology professionals in the Foreign Service. Joe shares why he decided to join the Foreign Service following his work with the Peace Corps. His overseas posts include Paramaribo, Suriname; Manama, Bahrain; and Berlin Germany.

He describes his position as a fun job, with new challenges and problems to solve daily. His advice to individuals applying for the FAIT Fellowship includes being flexible and being prepared for anything. Your responsibilities as a DTO will vary, depending on the size of the post and the requirements of the specific diplomatic mission. Whereever you go, you’ll be part of a global team shaping the future of diplomatic technology.

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