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Application Info for 2021 Cohort

The application deadline for the 2020 cohort of the FAIT Fellowship program has closed. The next application cycle (2021 cohort) should begin in the fall of 2020 and close in February 2021. An announcement will be made for the new application cycle, but please check back periodically for the updated information on this website.


Here are the current eligibility requirements for the FAIT Fellowship program. You must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program relevant to Information Technology at a U.S.-based accredited institution, and entering the junior year in the fall of the cohort year, OR seeking admission in an IT-related master’s degree program at a U.S.-based accredited institution, beginning in the fall of the cohort year.
  • Hold a minimum 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale at the time of the application, and maintain this GPA through participation in the program.
  • Be able to obtain and maintain medical and security clearances and suitability requirements.

Minority groups historically underrepresented in the State Department are encouraged to apply: this includes but is not limited to racial, ethnic, geographic, and gender minorities, as well as those with financial need.

FAIT Fellowship Timeline

FAIT Fellowship Timeline

Applications for the 2020 cohort of the FAIT Fellowship program have closed. Please check back for an updated timline.

Timeline for the 2020 cohort:

  • Application Opened: Early November 2019
  • Application Closed: February, 14 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • In-person Interviews: April 15, 2020
  • Orientation: June 16-18, 2020
  • Program start: Fall 2020
  • First Internship (in Washington, D.C.): Summer 2021 (between junior-senior years for undergraduates; between first-second years for graduate students)
  • Second Internship (at an Embassy or Consulate abroad): Summer 2022 (after graduation/completion of degree)
  • Information Management Specialist Position begins: Fall 2022 (following completion of overseas internship; approximately four months post-graduation)

Application Documents

Your application must include:

U.S. passport, birth certificate or naturalization papers

An unofficial copy for all schools attended

Submit your GRE/GMAT scores only if they are required to apply for your intended graduate program(s)

Explain why you want to pursue a career in the Foreign Service (750 words max.):

Maximum two-page resume that highlights your leadership skills (read this article for tips)

If you received financial aid during the most recent academic year, you are required to submit a Financial Aid Letter listing grants or loans.

  • If you received financial aid during the most recent academic year, you are required to submit your SAR form.
  • If you did not receive financial aid during the most recent academic year, you must complete the FAFSA to generate an SAR.

Use this as an opportunity to address any financial hardship or impactful adversity you may have experienced that affects your overall financial standing. You may also include:

  • Assistance you received during your undergraduate studies
  • Your overall education-related debt
  • Your ability/plans to pay for graduate school and/or your junior and senior years of undergraduate (depending on whether you are applying for the Graduate or Undergraduate Fellowship).

Select recommenders who can explain why you are uniquely qualified for the fellowship.

  • If you were enrolled in a degree-granting program within the last two years, the letter must be from a professor or faculty member who knows you.
  • If you are returning to graduate school after a couple years, choose someone who is familiar with your academics, professional work, or volunteer/community activities.