Isaiah: Endless Opportunities for Professional and Personal Growth

Isaiah successfully completed the Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship and is now a Diplomatic Technology Officer (DTO) in the Foreign Service. The DTO role was formerly the Information Management Specialist role. Isaiah earned his Master of Science in Information Systems from Indiana University Bloomington. His first post is the U.S. Embassy Prague, Czech Republic.

In this video interview, shares his experience as a FAIT Fellow, including his domestic internship in Washington, D.C., and his overseas internship at the U.S. Embassy in Singapore. He talks about how these experiences helped him expand his skills as an IT professional and grow as a person.

“What inspired me to pursue the FAIT Fellowship program was the endless amount of opportunities it lent me as an IT professional. It has affected me both professionally and personally. I feel like they go hand in hand; it really made me a better professional, as well as a better person.”

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