This webinar was recorded live on October 28 , 2021, and is now available to watch on-demand. 

Pursuing the Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship program can lead to a life-changing decision – one that will take you on an exciting journey in the world of diplomacy and technology. At the time of this webinar recording, the position was Information Management Specialist (IMS). The newly announced career path of DTO reflects the evolving role of information technology professionals in the Foreign Service.

In this panel discussion, Fellows in the Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship will share their experiences and advice, and answer your questions about the program. You will hear them discuss:

  • Why they decided to pursue the FAIT Fellowship program
  • What was the most challenging part of the application process
  • What they did during their summer internships
  • How has the COVID pandemic affected their work in the program
  • Where will their first posts be and how are they preparing
  • What single most important tip they have for students applying for the program
  • And more.

Here are the panelists:

Jeremiah Azurin joined the Foreign Service after graduating from Harvard in 2020. He comes to the State Department from a background in research, long-distance cycling, and international exchange, and has worked most recently at the Vatican, Saudi Arabia, Peru, South Korea, and Cambodia. For his FAIT Fellowship, he interned at the Office of eDiplomacy and the U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt, and is now a first-tour Information Management Specialist posted to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Currently he’s on temporary duty at Embassy Ashgabat in Turkmenistan.

Taylor Rainey, currently a 2021 cohort FAIT Fellow, is a California native with a bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish from Howard University. She worked in the private sector as a Threat and Violence Risk Management Analyst. She will earn her master’s degree in cybersecurity and complete the FAIT Fellowship in 2023.

Andreas Vassilakos (2019 cohort) earned his Bachelor of Information Technology and Management and a Master of Cyber Forensics and Security at the Illinois Institute of Technology. His academic and future career interests include Cyberwarfare Operations, Cyber Security Management, and Leadership in InfoSec and IT.