By FAIT Fellowship Staff

The Personal Statement is a key part of your application that will be scored for the Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship. Here’s your chance to shine – to use your personal experiences, values, and feelings to express who you are, what you are passionate about, what motivates you. Why do you want to pursue a career in the Foreign Service? Think of this as a personal essay, in which you have 750 words to tell a story that:

  • Illustrates your interpersonal skills or cultural sensitivity through your past experiences, either domestically or abroad.
  • Shows your ability to respond to attitudes, feelings or circumstances of various cultures or diverse groups. For example, you may have had volunteer experiences involving interaction with various cultures or socioeconomic groups, such as teaching English or helping in an adolescent literacy program.
  • Illustrates any disadvantages or obstacles that you’ve had to overcome to obtain your education. Are you in a single-parent household, or a low-income background? Did you work part- or full-time to finance your education?
  • Expresses your interest and availability to travel around the world and to pursue a career in information technology.

Be sure that your personal statement is well-written, uses proper English and provides a clear statement of your goals, interests and background.

Also, the Foreign Service Dimensions infographic can give you insight into what skills, abilities, and personal qualities the State Department is looking for in a candidate.