By a DOS Diplomatic Technology Officer


This is the word that I would use to characterize my first year in Nassau, The Bahamas. I have had the luck of the draw as far as being part of a great team doing amazing work in an exotic location.

Every day I get to work with and support Embassy colleagues involved in critical work and leading America’s efforts on transnational drug enforcement, assisting local government officials with disaster preparedness, and leading this country back from the devastation of the largest hurricane to ever hit the Bahamas—Dorian!

As a first-tour Foreign Service Specialist working as the Information Programs Officer (IPO) and as acting Information Management Officer (IMO) for a short period, my job is to provide first-class customer service and improve the Embassy’s ability to process information.

I take this responsibility very seriously, which is why I am proud of my team’s recent success as the highest ICASS (International Cooperative Administrative Support Services) score in the Embassy. This is just a small testament to my team’s continued dedication to providing customers with the services they need. This is the kind of career I signed up for when I joined the Foreign Service, and this is the type of excitement you could be part of if you join this dedicated team as well.