Brady: My Experience as a Foreign Affairs IT Fellow

Brady grew up in Parsons, Kansas, and received two bachelor’s degrees in a double major – one in Linguistics and Cognitive Science and one in Computer Science. He successfully completed the Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship and is now a Foreign Service Information Management Specialist.

In this video interview, Brady talks about the positive impact that the Fellowship program had on his life. “It’s really hard to imagine how my life would be now without the program,” he says.

He talks about his internship experience abroad, and how his confidence grew as he was encouraged to take on more responsibility. He’s developed a network of lifelong friends and sources of guidance.

Funded by the U.S. Department of State, the FAIT Fellowship program provides undergraduate and graduate students in IT-related fields with tuition assistance, as well as mentorship and professional development, to launch their careers in the Foreign Service as Information Management Specialists.

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