Akvile: Travel, Make a Global Impact and Have a Unique IT Job

Born in Lithuania and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Akvile earned her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Management and master’s in Cyber Security and Forensics from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She successfully completed the Fellowship and is now a Foreign Service Information Management Specialist.

In this video interview, Akvile shares her internship experiences in Washington, D.C. and in Germany. She says that her internship in D.C. was unconventional. “That’s when I found out you could get paid to do ethical hacking and not get in trouble for it, but you are actually helping people,” she says. She discovered that she really liked doing that and has a skill for it.

“If you like to travel, want a really unique job in IT, get to immerse yourself in different cultures, meet a bunch of different people, then I highly recommend the FAIT Fellowship,” she says.

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