The first cohort of the Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship began their journey in 2017, graduated from their IT-related degree programs, completed the Fellowship, and accepted their appointments as Foreign Service Information Management Specialists in 2019. They went to their first overseas posts in early 2020.

Each of these six short videos compiles their answers to a single question about the FAIT Fellowship program.

Whether you’re still thinking about applying, or you are in the middle of the application process, these videos will inspire you!


1. Why did you decide to pursue the FAIT Fellowship program?

2. Do you have any advice for students working on their application?

3. What did you value most from your Washington, D.C. internship?

4. What was your most memorable experience during your overseas internship?

5. How has the program affected you, either personally or professionally?

6. Any final words of advice for students who are considering applying to the program?